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YourOwnGeek asks for YOUR support of Operation Gratitude: Sending Care Packages to Our Troops!

YourOwnGeek and Advantage Business Solutions join forces to bring computer services and Printer/Copier repair to the Chicago Metro Area!  Read it here!

YourOwnGeek provides installation & upgrade support for Chicago Dental Software: Dentrix & Eaglesoft


YourOwnGeek will manage your Technology while You Manage Your Own Business!

YourOwnGeek specializes in Onsite Computer and Software Support.

Serving the Chicago Metro Area, YourOwnGeek  guarantee's that you will not pay unless we fix your problem!

YourOwnGeek can do it in Chicago: PC Repair, Printer/Copier Repair <all major brands/models>, Software Installation/Updates, Network Setup and Monitoring, Security, Data Backup and Data Recovery, Virus Recovery and Remote Desktop Help Desk, Onsite & Remote PC Maintenance, Remote Data Backups <offsite repository>, Secure Email and Spam Removal Services, Hand Held Devices <Palm OS, Windows Mobile OS and Blackberry>, Chicago Dental Software Support <Eaglesoft, Dentrix>

YOGI Services:

YourOwnGeek knows that the best offense is a good defense.  With regular onsite visits, your technology will be kept running at the optimum so that you can focus on your Business!  That is the Service Mission at YourOwnGeek.  Check out YOGI Services!

  • Onsite hardware/software support/memory upgrades.
  • Networking: Wireless/fixed.
  • Data Backup/Data Recovery/Virus recovery.
  • Remote PC troubleshooting/monitoring.
  • Website Hosting/Email/Development
  • Printer & Copier Repair

YOGI Products:

YourOwnGeek knows that the best technology tools are good technology tools.  That is why recommending products that work is Our Product Mission.  The YourOwnGeek reputation in Chicago is on the line with every technology recommendation!

YourOwnGeek builds computers and technology infrastructures that work.  You will find cheaper, you will not find ones that work better!  Check out YOGI Products!

Have a Great Day and Have Fun with Technology that works!